Why does your Club need a Website?

1. Convey static and dynamic information to your members about:

- Club Information
- Club History
- Teams
- Results
- Social Events
- Other information specific to your requirements

2. Opportunity to attract potential members

3. Provide easy access to all contact details of your club

- Access fixtures and other information through the online management system

4. Enhance administrative efficiency

5. Past members can keep up to date with club activities - even from overseas

6. Increase the service to your members

Access the feature-rich administration facilities through the web with our easy-to-use site managment tools.

Why SportServer?

1. SportServer specialises in designing and maintaining sport club websites.

2. The SportServer website is dedicated solely to local sport club sites making it convenient for interested parties to find YOUR site.

3. SportServer is flexible to the needs of your club.

4. SportServer consultants have extensive experience in application development and on sport club committees.

5. SportServer conforms to international guidelines for accessibility and usability ensuring that your website is of the highest standard.

For further information regarding SportServer Solutions, please contact us online, or:

SportServer Sales
Email: sales@SportServer.com.au
Phone: +61 3 9592 1938

Technical Support
Email: support@SportServer.com.au