Company Overview

SportServer is a Melbourne-based business specialising in the professional design, hosting and support of sport club websites.

SportServer aims to provide economical solutions for sport clubs helping them to promote themselves and facilitate communication with club members and the public.

The immediate goals for SportServer are to increase its client base and complete a comprehensive listing of local sport clubs in Victoria. SportServer is committed to increasing the services provided to its members.

Company Background

SportServer was founded in 2000 and has grown rapidly since its inception. SportServer consultants have extensive experience in application development and website design and continue to expand their expertise as new technologies emerge. Many of the SportServer consultants have served on sport club committees and have a thorough understanding of the way in which sport clubs operate.

SportServer was conceived as its creators found it hard to keep up with what was going on at their own sporting clubs. They needed a way to keep track of which team they were supposedly in for that week, and to keep informed about club events.

It was proposed by the club committee that the club invest in a website. However when they actually investigated it and found how expensive a website would be, not only for the design and construction but also to run yearly, they decided against it.

SportServer was originally created to simply give clubs an inexpensive option of creating and running their own website, but is currently evolving on a daily basis.

Communication is the Key

SportServer is becoming more focused on the key aspects that keep a sports (or any) club active and successful.

By this we mean facilitating communication between clubs and their members, not just through the website, but also through member management and ultimately communicating directly to members.

Our ongoing commitment to this will eventuate in better, more comprehensive services to our clients as they are developed at no additional cost.

We want to grow to accomodate your needs.

For further information regarding SportServer or for subscription details, please contact us.